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Arslan Sultan biography ( Age, Family & More )

Biography of Arslan Sultan 

Arslan Sultan Biography
Arslan Sultan 

Arslan Sultan Biography :-

Arslan Sultan was born on 10 May 2005 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh India in an Ansari family, he is a writer and he has also written some poetry and quotes. His father's name is Azam Sultan and his other name is Arslan Ansari. One of the writers who wrote poetry of the age

Arslan Sultan had passed 10th class in the year 2020 from a school in Meerut district named Jain Inter College and he did his 12th class from this college in the year 2022 and he did not share his poetry with anyone but his notes. Save in Aadi Arslan Sultan Loves very peace and simplicity He is also a doctor and has a lot of knowledge about medicines Arslan Sultan likes to write poetry from a young age

Arslan Sultan Social Media:- 

Arslan Sultan is also very active on his social media account. Here Arslan Sultan keeps uploading photos with himself and some of his friends and family members as well.

Arslan Sultan Instagram - @iarslansultan 

Facebook Account - 

Twitter Account - @iarslansultan

Arslan Sultan Personal Information

Arslan Sultan's full name is Arslan Azam Sultan and his other names are Arslan Ansari, Aryan Ansari Arslan Sultan was born in 2005 Arslan Sultan's birth place is Meerut Uttar Pradesh, India and he lives in Meerut as per year 2022 Arslan Sultan's age is 17 years. Arslan Sultan's grandfather's name is Yameen Ansari and his citizenship is Indian and he has studied from Meerut. Arslan Sultan's religion is Islam

Arslan Sultan's matrimonial information

Arslan Sultan is not married

Arslan Sultan's physical condition

Arslan Sultan's face color is fair and light yellow, his hair color is black Arslan Sultan's eye color is also black and his body weight in the year 2022 is around 50 kg.

Favorite things of Arslan Sultan

Arslan Sultan's favorite things are Ice Cream and Pizza. Arslan Sultan loves to eat ice cream and pizza.

Arslan Sultan's favorite destination

Makkah Saudi Arabia, Medina Saudi Arabia and Betul Muqaddas Jerusalem Israel, Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem!

Arslan Sultan Biography

Arslan Sultan is an Indian writer who wrote unique poetry and quotes in his life. Arslan started writing unmatched poetry and quotes from the age of about 14, he also posted his written poetry quotes on his Instagram account. In the year 2020, at the age of 15, Arslan Sultan completed 10th class from Jain Inter College, was born on May 10, 2005 in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, his father's name is Azam Sultan, Arslan Sultan has gained a lot of name at a very young age. He had earned it because when he was only 16 years old, he had more than 30 thousand followers on Instagram at that time, he spends a lot of time on social media, one of Arslan's favorite habit is that he likes to listen to the story. Arslan is very fond of reading stories since childhood, he is called an artist in himself because he started writing poetry quotes etc 

Arslan Sultan's favorite book 

Quran Sharif 


When and where was Arslan Sultan born?

Arslan Sultan was born on 10 May 2005 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India.

How old is Arslan Sultan?

Arslan Sultan's age as of 2022 is 17 years.

What is the mobile number of Arslan Sultan?



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