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no job is too small or too big | no job is small or big |

Let us know that no job is too small or too big.

no job is too small or too big.
no job is too small or too big.

Today we will talk about the main topic, which is called No job is too small or too big. Before that, remember that people are reaching the moon in a luxury building. If there is a luxury building, we ignore the cottage and ignore the cottage and still look at the luxury building. Most of the rich people In the beginning the medium is money and we should know that just like us we should do doctor, policeman, lawyer, bank manager etc ... I should also do Auto, Taxy driver etc on the road I think we are rich Give the same to the poor, and understands no work, small or great, for work is made to work. Let us know that no job is too small or too big.

No job is too small or too big.

no job is too small or too big
no job is too small or too big

Life makes us what we think no job is too small or too big It's our thinking that makes our job small or big if we do a job diligently and someone tells us what they do so much It's a small job and our mind starts saying that this is such a small task and why should I do this, I will do some big work, when we start thinking like this, then we are not successful in life because our small effort will lead us to the goal. So remember that no job is too small or too big, keep your thinking big, make your thinking big, then you will become what you want, a man's success comes from his actions, his small actions lead him to big tasks.

MBA Chaiwala is a person who opened a tea shop after doing his MBA and then people must have seen him opening a tea shop after doing his MBA and must have thought that maybe he is a crazy person who opens tea business after doing MBA and more. people What would he say even to his face but he paid attention to his work without paying attention to anyone's words and today MBA Chaiwala became very famous, Sandeep Maheshwari himself called him today in a meeting MBA Chaiwala earns thousands of rupees in 1 day, if he closed his tea shop he might not be as successful as his little tea shop so never be ashamed of your work don't think what people do would you say? People often tell you such things that make you sad and you think my work is so small, that's why people tell me the opposite, never pay attention to people's words if they distract you from the goal and talk about them. After listening never go astray Mukesh Ambani says that people will tell you the same thing which will fail your mind so don't pay attention to people's words and focus on your work and do your work diligently.

Imagine the prime minister of India could sell tea then why do you consider your job small or big remember no job is too small or too big if you think my job is small in the eyes of the world but my job in my eyes If it is very big remember your work is very big then we are the ones who decide with our thinking what is small and what is big no work is small or big remember every work is very important, let us know how . Let me explain to you with an example, suppose some fruit is being baked and you look at it and you think how poor this fruit seller will be and how small this business is and sometimes you are traveling and you feel hungry. And when you are hungry on the way and you don't see any hotel and you see a fruit seller and you eat fruit from him, think if it wasn't for the fruit seller, then you would continue to suffer from hunger, now you think that you are incomplete without the fruit seller, because if there is no there is no fruit seller, so from where will you bring the fruit and eat it, so remember never to diminish your work and the work of others. Understand this because no job is too small or too big.

If someone is a written graduate, he never thinks of doing wage or doing any small job because he thinks that I am an educated person, why should I do any small job or why should I do wage when he needs money AND he is not getting any good work, yet he does not think of doing any small work and this small thinking of his will never allow him to succeed because he does not pay attention to the fact that no work is too small or too big and He does not know that only our small works lead us to great tasks, it is not right to consider any work as small, we should do our work with hard work and honestly if we do our work with a good heart then we will definitely be successful. Big and great people also often start with small tasks and achieve success because they know that no job is too small or too big and they know that we will do our job with hard work and honesty so inshallah we will get one. Success will definitely be achieved on the day so friends whatever work you do don't consider it small because no work is too small or too big and remember one thing always do good and genuine work so that no bad thing is born keep going always on the path of truth and goodness, keep away from evil and do not accustom your body to any filthiness and bad habits from bad company. Do it Thank you!

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