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Flood in pakistan News 2022

Flood in pakistan 2022 news

Flood in pakistan news 2022

The situation in Pakistan has become very bad, Pakistan is sinking because many areas of Pakistan have been flooded due to heavy rains, which is very serious. Agriculture sector accounts for 23 percent of Pakistan's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Due to the severe impact of this sector due to floods, it is believed that there is bound to be a deep impact on the economy.

About 1000 people have died due to the flood, which is very painful, don't know how many dreams would have been unfulfilled and how many people's dreams would have been drowned in the flood, goods worth crores of rupees have been destroyed in the flood, the situation is more serious. It has happened and in such a situation, Pakistani flood army is trying to save the people and has saved many people, but the pain will be there for the whole life, whose own people, their family, relatives, friends, brothers and sisters or wives etc. in the flood. would have flown.

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There has been a lot of damage to the cotton crop. In the last financial year, 80 lakh bales of cotton were produced. But this year its crop has suffered a lot due to heavy rains in Sindh. which is a huge loss

Five lakh cattle have died Apart from crops, about five lakh cattle have also died in the rains and floods. And this will also increase the economic burden on the rural population and there is also a possibility of disrupting the supply of milk.

The floods in Pakistan have proved to be so dangerous that due to the floods in Pakistan, almost half of Pakistan's part has been submerged, which is very painful and is not less than any havoc, Pakistan's Home Minister Rana Sanaullah on Saturday, 27 August It is said that the Pakistani army is being called under Article 245 of the Constitution of Pakistan, which will help the people, this is the most dangerous and terrible flood in Pakistan in the last few years.

Flood in pakistan 2022 news

According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), 982 people have died in Pakistan due to floods and 45 people have lost their lives in the last 24 hours, according to NDMA, 1456 people are injured in the last 24 hours According to NDMA, 3161 km Roads have been damaged, 149 bridges have been washed away and 6,82,139 houses have been partially or completely damaged. and there are more than 57 lakh people in 110 districts who have nothing to eat and live


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