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How to become rich in English • How to become rich

After reading the title of this article, you must have thought that I am going to tell you some formula to make money, so wait, something else is going to happen here. You know how to make money, you have to make money or you had to decide one way or another how to make money. For example, you must have thought that you would do a job, or you decided that you would become a successful businessman with a net worth of millions of crowns. Like I thought I would be a successful writer and my articles would change the lives of millions of people. My books will hit the bestseller list and the publisher will give me thousands of rupees as royalty. Similarly, you must have thought something or the other. I'll just talk about that next time.

How to become rich in English - Best Inspirational Thought 

How to become rich in english
How to Become Rich in English 

There is a great English saying that those who believe in their work do the work and those who believe in themselves do business. I'm not saying that people in jobs aren't rich, but they have a limit to how much money they can make because they're only selling their labor power, which has a limit. On the other hand, an entrepreneur sells collective work and there is no limit to it. It was a bit difficult. Let's make it easy.

Suppose I work in a shoe factory and make a shoe for Rs.5 including all costs which is sold in the market for Rs.10. I get a fixed amount for my fixed job and if I do overtime then there is a limit, but think of a shoe factory owner who buys and sells your hard work below cost and sells it at a higher price, for example when you work more. Even if you do, the factory owner ultimately benefits. So it is decided that you increase your chances of getting rich with a business compared to a job.

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1. Now we come to the second point which is the first step to becoming rich and if you read the story of the life of the rich you will find that they all have the same thing. We all know that Leonardo da Vinci was a great painter, but do you know that he was also a great scientist. He used to say that whatever you do, first ask yourself if you want to do it, do you love the job, if the answer is yes, then it would be the right thing to do. Otherwise you will fail, you will definitely fail because you are doing what you don't want to do. So don't copy others. Everyone gets rich by his own efforts, by imitating others one can only become a monkey.

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2. An Irish proverb says that you are not rich because you know how to make money, but because you know where to put it. We often see that investing money after you earn it is a more difficult task. Before you can get rich, it is necessary to understand the economics of money, so before you start any job, plan it. Earn and invest. Spin money and get rich.

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3. To become rich, you must know the art of becoming rich, and you can only learn it from someone who has become rich. Then it was a bit difficult, let's simplify it again. If you want to get rich, decide on your role model. Watch them, read them and learn from them, but only emotions. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu says that each of us must find our own path.

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4. A good rich man is also a good manager and you have to work hard to be a good manager. If you want to improve your management skills, you can start with small things. From managing your family, managing your relationships with friends and managing your little money. Take an example and you will see that the rich from all over the world (except those who inherited the sultanate from their father) have become rich based on their management skills. People get rich even after the lottery is opened, but their wealth is short-lived. Many of Kauna Banega's rich Crorepati are still as ordinary as they were before they won millions of rupees in this game because they were not driving experts.

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5. The last recipe to get rich that most of us refuse to try. To get rich you have to risk or risk, but I am not asking you to go to a Las Vegas casino to spend your hard earned money. You have to take a calculated risk, i.e. you know how much you will gain and how much if you lose and what your plan B will be in case of loss.

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