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Faiz Rahman { Meerut } biography ( Age, Family & More )

Faiz Rahman Faiz Rahman was born in Meerut Uttar Pradesh, his father's name was Mukhtar Saheb, he lives in Meerut and he passed class 12th from Meerut city school Jain Inter College. Now he is pursuing B Pharma from Rudhra College of Pharmacy.  Faiz Rahman is from a good and cultured family.  His other name is Mohd Faiz Qureshi and he is often known by the name of Faiz Rehman, this name was given to him by Arslan Sultan and he was given the Topper of Meerut, 2021 award in Jain Inter College mahalka, Meerut School, he is an excellent doctor That's why they are called Dr. Also known as Faiz Rahman and he lives in Mahalka village of Meerut and he was born on 23 November 2005 in Mahalka village and he is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party. Faiz Rahman's Instagram username is:   faizalquresh WhatsApp Number : +919837165248 Email : Gallery - Faiz Rahman  Faiz Rahman  Faiz Rahman  Faiz Rahman  Faiz Rahman  Faiz Rahman  Faiz Rahman  Faiz Rahman  Faiz

Ustad Zaid Qureshi biography ( Age, Family & More )

Biography of Ustad Zaid Qureshi & Ustad Zain Ali Ustad Zaid Qureshi   Ustad Zaid Qureshi was born in Mahalka village of India's smart city and famous city Meerut. He was born in the year 2009. People also know him by the name of Ustad Zain Ali. Belongs to Qureshi family, his father's name is Qaser Qureshi, he studies in Vijay Inter College Mahalka, which is a private English medium school, he also studied in Jain Inter College Mahalka for one year and then he left this school and He has come again to study in Vijay Inter College, he is associated with the medical line and he has a lot of knowledge about medicines.. Names  👨‍🏭 Mohd. Zaid Qureshi & Ustad Zain Ali Born 🏡 Year 2009 in Mahalka District Meerut, Uttar Pradesh India  Father Name 👨‍🏭 Qaser Qureshi  Occupation 👨‍🏭 Medical Line  Instagram Account 🔗 @ustadzainali School - Vijay Inter College Mahalka, Meerut & Jain Inter College Mahalka, Meerut  Hometown 🏘️ Mahalka, Meerut Uttar Pradesh India  Galler

Arslan Sultan - Wikipedia

Arslan Sultan was born in  Meerut , Uttar Pradesh India. His father's name Azam Sultan. He was born in an  Ansari  family. They belong to the  Muslim  religion. He is an excellent  writer  in himself who writes his thoughts in very large pages. Arslan Sultan is known as a  Doctor . Arslan Sultan  Arslan Sultan was born in Meerut on May 10, 2005. His grandfather's name is Yamin Ansari. Arslan loves reading stories or novels, reading poetry, and writing. He loved reading poetry from a young age and now he He himself also writes poetry when he feels like it. He is called a writer in himself because he writes poetry and thoughts very well. Arslan had joined the medical line since the age of 12 and he had Have a good knowledge about medicines these are known to a  doctor . Email : Phone Number : +918266961691   Read Also  -

Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi Sir' ( Biography & More )

Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi Sir i.e Raza Rizvi Meeruti's Biography  Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi Sir  Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi was born in the famous Meerut district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He was born on 15 August 2002 in Mahalka village of Meerut city. His father's name is Mohsin Raza. Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi's other name is Raza and people Rahbar Abbas People often call Meeruthi as Raza, Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi is also known as Raza. Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi (Raza) lives in Mahalka village of Meerut and Raza i.e. Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi was born in this village of Meerut city. Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi also knows how to operate computer and he has also worked on computer where he used to fill forms etc. As far as we know, Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi sir is also very fond of traveling and Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi is very interested in traveling. In my view, Rahbar Abbas Meeruthi is a good person and he is also interested in spending time with friends and when he lives in his village Mahalka,

Arslan Sultan { Sahab } biography ( Age, Family & More )

Sultan Sahab i.e. Arslan Sultan let's know about Arslan Sultan who is called Sultan Sahab. Arslan Sultan Arslan Sultan ( Sultan Sahab ) is an Indian writer who wrote unique poetry and quotes in his life. Arslan ( Sultan Sahab ) Started writing unmatched poetry and quotes from the age of about 14, he also posted his written poetry quotes on his Instagram account. In the year 2020, at the age of 15, Arslan Sultan ( Sultan Sahab ) completed 10th class from Jain Inter College, was born on may 10, 2005 in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, his father's name is Azam Sultan, Arslan Sultan ( Sultan Sahab ) has gained a lot of name at a very young age. He had earned it because when he was only 16 years old, he had more than 30 thousand followers on Instagram at that time, he spends a lot of time on social media, one of Arslan's ( Sultan Sahab ) favorite habit is that he likes to listen to the story. Arslan ( Sultan Sahab ) is very fond of reading stories since childhood, he is called

Dr. Uzaif Rizvi Meerut ( Biography & More )

Dr. Uzaif Rizvi Meerut Biography. Dr. Uzaif Rizvi Dr. Uzaif Rizvi lives in Meerut city Dr. Uzaif Rizvi was born in Meerut itself. Uzaif Rizvi spends his life in the city of Meerut. Uzaif Rizvi's full name is Mohd. Uzaif Rizvi and his father's name is Rizwan Rizvi Dr. Uzaif Rizvi also has a younger brother Dr. Uzaif Rizvi's younger brother's name is zaid rizvi. Uzaif Rizvi passed class VIII from M. H. Secondary School. Uzaif Rizvi passed his 10th class from Jain Inter College Mahalka Dr. Uzaif Rizvi is very fond of traveling and we think that he likes to travel very much as far as we know according to an inquiry Dr. Uzaif Rizvi likes to eat Chilli Potatoes and is interested in drinking sting cold drinks. Dr. Uzaif Rizvi lives in Mahalka village of Meerut city. Uzaif Rizvi also runs Instagram and Dr. The username of Uzaif Rizvi's instagram account is @iuzaifrizvi and you are Dr. Uzaif Rizvi's Instagram account @iuzaifrizvi can be seen on Instagram.

Is it good to learn to be alone ?

  Is it good to learn to be alone? your question is and people ask according to google it appears that People also ask "Is it good to learn to be alone?" Yes, we should learn to be alone, in every difficult problem of life, we will remain alone, we will not expect anything from anyone except Allah, understand that you are born alone, that means you have come alone in this world, then you have to be alone. What kind of trouble you will often see in living, people leave your company in difficulties, so you should learn to live alone, but remember one thing that never leave your parents, do not leave your family members, who are your own, yes, but If you learn to live alone, then there is nothing wrong in it, don't know at what point of life you will fall alone, then who will support you, only Allah will give, but if you learn to live alone, it may be useful for you sometime or the other.